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Accu-TouchLeave it to Edmunds Gages to develop the simplest, dimensional amplifier available for your production measurement requirements. The Accu-Touch™ uses a highly durable, touch screen as its human interface to providing a crystal clear visual display of your measurement results. A 5.7" (145 mm) hi-resolution flat panel display with multi-color graphics, digital values, and limit indicators provide an easy indication of a measurement’s conformance to a tolerance. Housed within a rugged industrial case, the Accu-Touch™ is perfect for on machine, bench top, or laboratory measurement applications.


Multi-Sensor, Multi Channel Measurement

The Accu-Touch™ is available in two, or four input units making it easily applicable to most gaging applications. The signal conditioned within is compatible with Edmunds Gages LVDT cartridge probes, & lever probes, with single or dual mastering ability, and Edmunds Air Gage Tools with dual mastering, when coupled with the docking air-to-electronic unit. Base unit provides up to 4 single input measurements.


One Finger Touch

The Accu-Touch™ is fully configurable for virtually any dimensional measurement application with the touch of one finger. All menus are touch selections, where any choice that needs to be made is simply selected by a repeated touch and all volatile information can be password protected.


Versatile Application

Use the Accu-Touch™ with one single gage or up to 4 gages each with 1-input. Individual dial displays report the live reading of 1, 2, 3, or all of the gages simultaneously, or you select the gage of choice at the touch of the display. In multiple check applications, each measurement feature has its own dial display with digital results, and accept/reject indicators also displayed!


Dockable Industrial Enclosure

The Accu-Touch™ can be used with pure electronic gages from the main display enclosure. A separate self-contained air-to-electronic enclosures can be docked to the display enclosure to provide air-to-electronic inputs while minimizing bench space. Available with 1, 2, 3, or 4 air input models. Everyday Apps available too! The Accu-Touch™ can be fully configured for more of the sophisticated multi-dimensional applications with the use of Edmunds Gages “Touch Flash” jump drives. These preprogrammed memory drives take the hassle out of set up and add to the ease of use of the unit. A “Programming Suite“ is also available for expanded capability.


Digitally Enhanced Dial Display

Understanding the results of your measurement is key to a gaging amplifier. That’s why Edmunds has combined an easy to see dial, a digital display for exactness, and red and green status indicators for each measurement or check. What could be simpler?


Record your Data

Since most of us like to analyze everything, the Accu-Touch will recognize our “Touch Flash” memory drive and record the measurement results at the touch of the display or with the optional footswitch. When you are ready, you can transport the data on the Touch Drive to your PC and open the comma delimited text file with most popular data analysis or SPC programs, or view the data with our convenient “Results Viewer“ right on the Accu-Touch™.


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